DG's Message

“The main objective of NCP is to promote research in physics and allied disciplines in the country”. NCP endeavors to engage in world-class research and develop science culture in Pakistan. NCP is a novel research institute and I firmly believe that it will flourish in years to come but I am very much pleased to see that NCP has achieved national and international recognition at its initial stages and has gained a high pedestal among well-established research institutes of the country.It is indeed a great honour for me to take charge as Director General of National Centre for Physics.

One of the most important goals is to produce world-class scientific research at NCP without good science no progress can be made in any area of technology or applied sciences. It is very important that the physics community of Pakistan should own NCP and consider NCP as a platform for the exchange of scientific ideas. On the other hand, at NCP we need to create an atmosphere and conditions where physicists from other parts of Pakistan and expat from all over the world would like to visit and take part in activities at NCP.

NCP provides a free academic atmosphere to young researchers for their personal grooming. NCP provides them a unique platform and an excellent opportunity to discuss results of their theoretical and experimental research in the presence of internationally renowned scientists and experts. Communicating new ideas and important results is an important part of the scientific process and it is our hope that NCP will motivate young researchers to think in terms of interesting problems at the leading edge of science, which itself will lead to high quality research at international level.

At NCP, we need to be conscious of the fact that there are regions in Pakistan where help is needed to develop physics research and education. One of the programmes recently initiated by NCP, called Physics Education at NCP is a step in the right direction where teachers at the level of colleges or universities will be invited to NCP to refresh their basic physics knowledge. We at NCP are developing number of facilities, which are used by the researchers at NCP but available to all physics community of Pakistan. Such facilities are: accelerator, nano-science laboratory, computing resources, experimental high-energy physics and vacuum sciences.

NCP is involved and have scientific cooperation agreements with several international centers ofscientific excellence and learning. The list includes AS-ICTP, SESAME, ALS, CERN and KRISS. As there is no national mathematical table, so there is no national science. In these days international scientific cooperation is the key to produce high-level and world-class science research. In this regard again NCP can provide a window for the physicists of this country. It is important to note that after 20 years of efforts, Pakistan is on its way to acquire the associate membership of CERN. NCP and its EHEP group have a key role to play in developing strong physics community in the field of particle physics. The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) starts RUN – II in March 2015 where with increased energy, important and major breakthroughs are expected in particle physics.

All of us in the physics and scientific community of Pakistan should join hands and make NCP a real success story.

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