45th Intl. Nathiagali Summer College

13 - 25 July, 2020

International Nathiagali Summer Colleges (INSC) on Physics and Contemporary Needs have been organized every year since 1976. The idea of holding these Colleges came from the distinguished Nobel Laureate, Professor Abdus Salam who emphasized the vital need of communication, as well as for transferring and sharing scientific knowledge among the scientific community. The primary aim of the College is to break the isolation of the scientists of the developing countries by enabling them to interact with an international faculty. INSC provides an ideal interactive forum for open discussion of recent advancement in the cutting edge research among established scientists and early-career researchers in their respective fields; thereby instigating new proposals and ideas. Over the years, INSC has invited about 940 eminent scientists and keynote speakers from advanced countries including 07 Nobel Laureates from leading universities and research organizations. An interdisciplinary selection of speakers with more than 1120 foreign scientists from over 75 developing countries and about 9400 scientists from Pakistani R&D institutes and universities has brought together a diversified legion of academic scholars, planners and industry professionals; thus catalyzing new efforts of worldwide collaborations and networking with unrestrained scientific discussions amongst peers. The scientific activities of INSC aim at the broad coverage of topics at the frontiers of knowledge in Physics and allied sciences. Every year four to six subjects of current interest and their applications with special reference to needs of the developing countries are highlighted. This year the 45th college is covering following topics:

  • Week I (13th - 18th July, 2020)
    • Activity - I: Pulsed Power Technology and Applications (13th - 15th July, 2020)
    • Activity - II: Laser Produced plasma and Applications (16th - 18th July, 2020)
    • Activity - III: Applications of Synchrotron Radiations (13th - 18th July, 2020)
                             (Building the user community for BEATS (Beamline for Tomography at SESAME)
    • Activity - IV (A): Renewable Energy (13th – 15th July, 2020)
  • Week II (20th - 25th July, 2020)
    • Activity - IV (B): Environmental Monitoring (20th – 25th July, 2020)
    • Activity - V: Advances in Medical Physics/Radioisotopes and Biomedical Optics (20th - 25th July, 2020)
    • Activity - VI: Modern Trends and Techniques for the Exploration of Minerals (20th - 25th July, 2020)

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