PK-GRID-CA at National Centre for Physics (NCP), is an accredited certification Authority (CA) under the European Grid Policy Management Authority (EUGridPMA). The EUGridPMA is the International organization to co-ordinate the trust fabric for e-science grid authentication in Europe. It co-ordinates with the regional peers APGridPMA for Asia Pacific and The American Grid PMA in the International Grid Trust Federation. It is the first only Certification Authority in Pakistan. PK-GRID-CA issues X.509 digital certificates to users/hosts to use grid resources under secure environment.


By virtue of the Certificate Policy and Certification Practice Statement (CP-CPS), these digital certificates are issued only to users/communities participating in High Energy Physics (HEP) Program in collaboration with NCP.


PK-GRID-CA is run and maintained by NCP. The effort in this regard started in October 2003. The first CP-CPS document was produced in December 2003. Several revisions were made and the final version of the CP-CPS was published in April 2004. The PK-GRID-CA was presented at the 2nd meeting of the EUGridPMA in Brussels in September 2004, where it was formally approved and accredited by the PMA. PK-GRID-CA started its operations since then.


The current CP-CPS is


PK-Grid-CA Root Certificate


Validity of Certificate:

PK-Grid-CA Root Certificate 2017
Not Before: Dec 12, 11:13:20 2007 GMT
Not After: Dec 11, 11:13:20 2027 GMT

Download PK-Grid-CA Root Certificate:

PK-Grid-CA Root Certificate 2017
Import Certificate (DER format)
PEM Format


PK-Grid-CA Root Certificate 2017
SHA1 Fingerprint A9:39:DC:47:B9:AC:C9:22:88:59:DC:25:C7:62:AE:24:CC:89:37:45

SHA-256 Fingerprint


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