AITeC Existing and Intended Projects

  1. Large Language Models (LLM) – Natural language understanding and generation
  2. LLM for local languages
  3. LLM for code generation
  4. LLM used cases for content summarization, classification & sentiment analysis
  5. LLM based customized Chatbot
  6. Language model for video analytics
  7. Big data analytics for early cancer diagnosis
  8. Distributed computing in perspective of pattern mining for anomaly detection from massive datasets
  9. Genomics and proteomics analysis for drug discovery
  10. Early Disease Detection in Medical Imaging using Deep Learning for Improved Diagnosis
  11. AI based Yield Estimation of wheat crop
  12. Smart and Precision Agriculture
  13. Tumor classification and segmentation using MRI Scans
  14. Teeth segmentation using x-ray images
  15. AI based Disease Classification of different crops
  16. Deep Learning-based Brain-Computer Interfaces for Enhanced Communication and Control
  17. AI based autonomous driving
  18. OCR free document Identification using Deep Learning
  19. Business intelligence and digital economy
  20. Simulation-to-Real (Sim2Real) Deployment using Reinforcement Learning using multiple types of robots and sensors
  21. Emotion recognition using Deep Learning
  22. Stock Market Prediction using AI
  23. 3D Object Detection for Autonomous Vehicles
  24. Sustainable Management and Automation through Artificial Intelligence Based Responsive Technologies
  25. Intelligent Energy Management (IEM) using AI
  26. Facial recognition based Entry-Exit logger system development
  27. Recognition of Urdu Handwritten Words Using Deep Learning Techniques
  28. Pavement Condition Monitoring via intelligent image analysis
  29. Object Classification and Semantic Segmentation
  30. Automatic Plate Recognition System
  31. AI based Automated Car Parking