December 23 - 24, 2013

The main objective of the NCP Annual Scientific Meeting 2013 (ASM-2013), organized jointly by Dr. Muhammad Aslam Baig (Head Laser Physics Lab.) and Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad (Director, EHEP), was to evaluate the progress of regular researchers of NCP and HEC-IPFP fellows working at NCP on one hand and on the other hand to better groom them for effective and well focused presentation of their research work at various scientific national and international forums.

Invited Speakers

Talk Title
Shahid Ali (TPD) Fully Nonlinear Ion-acoustic Waves in Dense Magnetoplasmas
Anila Iqbal (NS&CD) Novel Hybrids Derived from Poly(thiourea-amide)/ Epoxy and Carbon Nanotubes
Jamila Bashir Butt (EHEP) Z cross-section measurement at 7 TeV with CMS data using Z e + e-
Ahsan Zeb (TPD) Density Functional Theory
Farhan Javed (CES) Modeling of Kashmir Earthquake based on Rate and State Dependent Friction Law And Coulomb Failure Stresses
Imran Malik (EHEP) GEM Simulation studies at CMS
Nazia Batool (TPD) Global vortices in Cylindrical Confined Pair-ion and Pair-ion-electron plasma
Rizwan Ahmed (Laser lab.) Photo sensitivity of top gate C60 based OFETs: Potential applications for high efficiency organic photo detectors
Ghulam Hussain (EPD) Strain measurement for AlGaNepilayer on Al2O3 with GaN buffer layer using RBS and channeling technique
Muhammad Ahmad (EHEP) The Study of χc States with CMS Detector at √s = 7TeV
Ali Ahmed (TPD) Current-driven Nonlinear Structures in Heavier Ion Plasmas
Samina Nazir (NS&CD) Nanomedicines: Nanoengineering and Biomedical Applications
Ishtiaq Ahmed (THEP) Probing Higgs features
Rabia Jahangir (TPD) Nonlinear electromagnetic waves in dense dissipative plasmas
Adeel-ur-Rehman (ASC) Managing our Grid Node, Involvement under Trust Fabric, External Collaboration & In-House Projects
Ambreen Uzair (TPD) Electron-ElectronInteractions In Graphene
Ashfaq Ahmad (EHEP) Projects during 2013: Z boson cross section measurement, top physics, GEM R&D and plan for SUSY searches
Shabbir A Khan (TPD) Plasma oscillations with finite orbital angular momentum in dense plasmas.
Saleh Muhammad (EHEP) GEM R&D activities in EHEP Lab
Sunia Hassan (EHEP) Formation of Solitary Structures in Magnetoplasma with Super Thermal Electrons
Aliya Fazal (NS&CD) Sustainable development
M. Shahid Riaz (CES) Installation of Ground based Earthquake Precursors Network
Mohsin Siddiq (TPD) Nonlinear Waves in dissipative medium
Hassan Shahzad (EHEP) EHEP R&D Projects
Yaqoob Khan (NS&CD) Increasing efficiency through enlarged surface areas of the substrate nano structure in 3D
Irfan Asghar (EHEP) Top Mass via b-jets’ energy Peak
Usman Saeed (TPD) Classical Electrodynamics and Fluid Dynamics; a framework for unification
S. Danish Ali (NS&CD) Synthesis, Characterization and Magnetic Properties of Carbon Nanotubes Decorated with Magnetic MIIFe2O4 Nanoparticles
Muhammad Irfan (CES) Ionospheric Fof2 Variations Prior to Major Earthquakes Occurred in and Around Pakistan

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