NCP stands as a unique and open research center, distinguished by its numerous collaborations with prestigious national and international research and academic institutions of excellence.

NCP has earned recognition as a national laboratory by offering top-notch research facilities and having a team of highly qualified faculty, which enhances the quality of science education. At NCP, valuable and diverse research with a significant impact is taking place. The researchers at NCP have established connections with leading international research institutes.

Students from across Pakistan, both at the graduate and postgraduate levels, as well as scientists and engineers from research institutions, receive training at NCP. They have the opportunity to work with advanced, user-friendly technical and experimental resources available on campus.

The centre has received national recognition from key authorities, including the PC, MoST, PSF, and HEC. Internationally, NCP enjoys a strong reputation and actively participates in various global research organizations, including CERN (Switzerland), ICTP (Italy), IHEP (China), and SESAME (Jordan).


To promote advanced research in Theoretical and Experimental Physics and Advanced Technologies, and to act as a catalyst for synergistic applied research by creating an interconnected web of Centers of Excellence (CoEs).


NCP was extablished to fulfill the following objectives:

  • Supporting applied R&D that is in accordance with the needs of the research and development industry as well as in the larger national context.
  • To play a role as an interface between academia and industry, for development latest technologies through research and innovation for prototyping and finally commercialization.
  • Developing linkages with national and international research funding agencies through academic and industrial collaborations with an aim to water the R&D activities on advanced technologies.
  • Promoting research, innovation, and commercialization through public-public and public-private partnerships.
  • To create an international forum for the exchange of scientific information through comprehensive courses, workshops, conferences, seminars and visitors program in Physics and allied disciplines