22 - 23 February, 2022

This course is jointly organized by CoE National Institute of Vacuum Science and Technology (NINVAST) and Karachi Tools Dies & Moulds Centre (KTDMC).

Course Outline

  • Comparison of Vacuum and Atmospheric Furnace Processes
  • Types of Vacuum Furnaces
  • Pumping Systems
  • Operation of a Vacuum Furnace
  • What is product design cycle?
  • Pumping Systems used in KTDMC furnaces
  • Material placement techniques and precautions inside the furnace
  • Best practices for quenching
  • Understanding Different types of Tooling with focus on Casting
  • Controlling material properties through surface engineering
  • Common Tool Steels used in Pakistan
  • Who are the international players of Tool Steel How KTDMC chooses tool steel for different applications
  • Interesting facts about Heat Treatment of Dies and Moulds
  • How to increase life of mould through Heat Treatment
  • Why vacuum hardening
  • How to make recipe for Heat Treatment Effect on mechanical properties due to variation in thickness
  • Evaluating Heat Treatment results
  • Common Heat Treatment defects
  • Case Studies of Different Industries

Learning Outcomes

  • Commercial and practical aspects of Heat Treatment
  • Working of Heat Treatment Furnaces
  • Troubleshooting of Furnaces
  • Proper selection of material for tooling

Who can Participate

Material engineers, metallurgists, product designers, automotive vendors, researchers, scientists, technologists, system designers, process managers, plant operators, equipment suppliers, Ph.D. and M.Phil. students, diploma holders, B-tech engineers, technicians, faculty members of universities and owners/executives of high-tech industries

Course Pre-Requisite

  • Knowledge/experience of vacuum heat treatment

Course Fee

Course Fee includes training material, lunch, refreshments etc

  • For General Participants: Rs. 25,000/-
  • For Students: Rs. 10,000/-

How to Apply

To download the registration form, click here. The registration deadline of the course is 21 February, 2022.

Resource Person

Zaheer Ahmad
A Metallurgical and Material Engineer having more than 15 years of practical experience in Vacuum Heat Treatment and Nitriding along with handling the projects of major Automobile OEMs and Vendor Industry, countrywide.

Contact Persons

  • Mr. M. Zaka Ansar, NINVAST 051-9038227
  • Mr. Irfan KTDMC 03002002784


To download the brochure, click here.


  • CoE National Institute of Vacuum Science and Technology (NINVAST), Islamabad
  • Karachi Tools Dies & Moulds Centre (KTDMC), Karachi

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