1st International Meeting on Science and Society - 2017

23 - 25 November, 2017


Technology, Science and Scientific Thinking are three major tools for progress. It is essential to understand their relation with each other and with the needs of our society, before we can benefit from each. We want to understand how science can provide a coherent foundation and can understand underlying reasons behind technologies. We want to help our society understand the way of thinking and abilities that produce science for specialists but are present in every member of society. We want to train leaders who can use scientific thinking to transform our society into a systematic experience-learner and reasoning problem solver.

Objectives and Aims

  • To point out that we need basic scientists to provide through teaching, and other means, the framework within which applied scientists and high technologies can work coherently.
  • To point out how science and technology, thus, can be basis of a knowledge economy.
  • To emphasize that science is common heritage of mankind and Pakistan can learn lessons and principles from popularizing science in, say, UK.
  • To explore different methods and processes to judge if a communication between science and our society is effective and rewarding.
  • To suggest how can scientists use their computer skills and latest information to create an interest for science and use a variety of media to popularize it.
  • To arrange debate sessions with high profile academics on the importance of science for public and on the state of science education.


Dr. Zafar Mueen Nasar (VC University of Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan)


Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad (NCP, Islamabad) Dr. Bilal Masud (CHEP, Lahore)

Advisory Committee

Dr. Hafeez Hoorani (NCP, Islamabad) Dr. Akram Khan (Brunal University, UK)


Dr. Muhammad Qadeer Afzal (CHEP, Lahore) Dr. Maqsood Ahmad (CHEP, Lahore)
Dr. Muhammad Ahmad (NCP, Islamabad) Dr. Faisal Akram (CHEP, Lahore)
Dr. Jamil Aslam (QAU, Islamabad) Dr. Muhammad Irfan Asghar (NCP, Islamabad)
Dr. Muhammad Ayub Faridi (CHEP, Lahore) Dr. Talab hussain (CHEP, Lahore)
Dr. Tariq Mahmood (CHEP, Lahore) Mr. M. Atif Sultan (CHEP, Lahore)
Dr. Abrar Ahmad Zafar (CHEP, Lahore)

Invited Speakers

Dr. M. Aslam Baig (NCP, Islamabad) Dr. Abdul Hameed (UMT, Lahore)
Dr. S. K. Hasanain (COMSTECH, Islamabad) Dr. Pervez Hoodbhoy (FCC, Lahore)
Mr. Adeel Imtiaz (FFC, Rahim Yar Khan) Dr. Akram Khan (Brunal University, UK)
Dr. Bilal Masud (CHEP, Lahore) Dr. Nasir Abbas Nayyar (Urdu Science Board)
Dr. Ansar Pervez (PAEC, Islamabad) Dr. Ashgar Qadir (NUST, Islamabad)
Dr. Hamid Saleem (COMSTECH, Islamabad) Mr. M. Ali Shahbaz (QAU, Islamabad)
Mr. Rahmat Ullah (UMT, Lahore) Ms. Charlotte Lindberg Warakaulle (CERN)

Venue and Dates

Centre for High Energy Physics University of the Punjab, Lahore
23 - 25 November, 2017

Activity Brochure

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Activity Program

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Program Details

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This should be composed of science teachers and those undergraduate and graduate students who have an experience of popularization of sciences in society or otherwise discussing the science-society or science-technology relationship in any kind of media.

How to apply

Online application form can be accessed here. Submit online application form not later than November 10, 2017


  • Natioanal Centre for Physics, Islamabad
  • Centre for High Energy Physics, Lahore
  • Higher Education Commission, Islamabad
  • University of The Punjab, Lahore

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