07 - 08 December, 2020


The field of Astrophysics and Cosmology has grown a lot over the past few decades. The experimental breakthroughs in recent years as well as future international collaborations have gathered great interest in the exciting areas of Astrophysics and Cosmology. The purpose of this Workshop is to provide an overview to interesting areas of Astrophysics and Cosmology. The aim is to foster discussion about interesting topics such as black holes, early universe cosmology, exo-planets and other such topics of through invited talks and discussions. There will be talks by Professors from around the globe at basic and intermediate level of the subject. Thus B.S. and M.S. level students are encouraged to apply for this workshop.


Hafeez R. Hoorani (NCP, Pakistan) Mohsin Siddiq (NCP, Pakistan) Mansoor-ur-Rehman (QAU, Pakistan)

Invited Speakers

Dr. Aleksi Kurkela (Switzerland) Dr. Stefan Antusch (University of Basel, Switzerland) Dr. Jenifer Wiseman (USA)
Dr. Mansoor ur Rehman (QAU, Pakistan) Dr. Kent Yagi Dr. Nabuchika Okada (USA)
Mr. Mansoor Ahmad (NASA, USA) Dr. Qaiser Shafi (USA) Dr. Alex Nielsen
Dr. Khalid Saifullah (QAU, Pakistan) Dr. M Junaid (NCP, Pakistan) Dr. Baber Qureshi
Dr. Fariha Vardag (NCP, Pakistan) Dr. Waqas Ahmed Dr. Hussain Goher (QAU, Pakistan)

Organizing Committee

Muhammad Junaid (NCP, Pakistan) Shabbir Ahmed

Workshop Coordinator

Dr. Muhammad Junaid (NCP)
Tel: 051 2077300 Ext. 506

How to apply

Application form can be accessed here. Application Form should be submitted on or before 03 December, 2020. Selection will be made by the Technical Committee of workshop.

Technical Program

To download the technical program, click here.

Workshop Brochure

To download the workshop brochure, click here.

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