23 - 26 November, 2021

The International Workshop on Heavy quark Physics, held annually, aims at covering recent advances in the theory of heavy quark physics and focuses on new experimental developments at LHC (CERN), Super-B factory (KEK) and BES III (IHEP). Due to the ongoing pandemic, participation in this conference will be online only and will serve as a bridge to continue this Annual workshop which was last held in 2019.


  • Flavor Physics and CP violation
  • Light-Cone Distribution Amplitudes
  • B-meson decays in Precision Era
  • Beyond the Standard Model
  • Multi-quarks Physics

The research interest in heavy quark physics is grown progressively over the last few years in Pakistan and presently we have a sizable research community working at NCP and different universities of Pakistan. The purpose of this workshop is to encourage young Pakistani researchers and to facilitate them to build international collaborations. In this context, we plan to have 3/4 lectures on each of these topics. Detailed information can be found on the activity website: http://www.ncp.edu.pk/iwhqp-2021.php


Mansoor H. Inayat (NCP) Prof. Ahmed Ali (DESY)

International Advisory Committee

A. Ali (Germany) A. Parkhomenko (Russia) Cai-Dian Lu (China)
W. Wang (China)

Tentative Speakers

Ahmed Ali (Germany) Cai-Dian Lu (China) Fu-Sheng Yu
Alexander Y. Pakhomenko (Russia) Yu-Ming Wang Wei Wang (China)
Aleksi Kurkela (Norway) Jacopo Ghiglieri (France) Xin NIan Wang (USA)
Peter Arnold (USA) Jinchen He (China) Irina Parnova (Russia)
Qin Qin (China) M. Jamil Aslam (Pakistan) Hafeez Hoorani (Pakistan)
M. Naeem Anwar (Pakistan) Faisal Akram (Pakistan) Abdur Rahman (Pakistan)
Shaheen Iqbal (Pakistan) Prof. Aiqiang Guo (China) Soeren Lange
Basim Khanji Luciano Miani Faisal Munir (Pakistan)
Arsalan Sikandar (Pakistan)

Scientific Organizing Committee

Ishtiaq Ahmed (NCP, Pakistan) Abdur Rehman (NCP, Pakistan) Shahin Iqbal (NCP, Pakistan)
M. Junaid (NCP, Pakistan) Rizwan Khalid (LUMS, Pakistan) Naeem Shahid (Pakistan)
Dr. M. Ali Paracha (Pakistan) Dr. Saba Shafaq (Pakistan)

Technical Organizing Committee

Mohsin Siddiq (NCP, Pakistan) M. Jamil Aslam (QAU, Pakistan)


Active post graduate students, post-doctoral researchers, faculty and research scientists who have also published research work in recognized international journals, will be encouraged to participate.

Workshop Poster

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Workshop Schedule

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How to apply

Online application form can be accessed here. Application Form should be submitted on or before November 20, 2021. Selection will be made by the Technical Committee of workshop..

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