August 21 - September 01, 2023

Topics to be Covered

  • Top Quark, Higgs and Electroweak Physics
  • Super Symmetry (SUSY) Searches
  • Dark Matter (DM) and Long Lived Particles (LLP) Searches
  • Statistical Techniques in High Energy Physics (HEP)
  • Data Science and Machine Learning in HEP
  • Monte Carlo Generators in High Energy Physics
  • Physics Objects, Trigger and Data Acquisition
  • Particle Detector and Future Technologies
  • Future Colliders


Mansoor Hameed Inayat (NCP, Pakistan) Ishaq Ahmad (NCP, Pakistan) Ashfaq Ahmad (NCP, Pakistan)

Invited Speakers

Roberto Tenchini (Pisa, Italy) Roger Barlow (UoH, UK) Albert De Roeck (CERN, Switzerland)
Jonathan R. Ellis (UoL, UK) Markus Klute (KIT, Germany) Abdel Nasser Tawfik (ECTP, Egypt)
Norraphat Srimanobhas (CoU, Thailand) NHenning Kirschenmann (Helsinki, Finland) Bilal Masood (CHEP, Pakistan)
Ashfaq Ahmad (NCP, Pakistan) Juliette Alimena (DESY, Germany) Faisal Akram (CHEP, Pakistan)
Mansoor-ur-Rehman (QAU, Pakistan) Jamil Aslam (QAU, Pakistan) Silivia Goy Lopez (CIEMAT, Spain)
Yahya Tayalati (UoM, Morrocco) Wajid Ali Khan (NCP, Pakistan)

Advisory Committee

Roger Barlow (UoM, UK) Thomas Muller (KIT, Germany) Albert De Roeck (CERN, Switzerland)
Roberto Tecihni (Pisa, Italy) Jonathan R. Ellis (UoL, London) Ducccio Abbaneo (CERN, Switzerland)
Andrea Venturi (Pisa, Italy)

Local Organizers

Muhammad Usman (NCP, Pakistan) Muhammad Irfan Asghar (NCP, Pakistan) Saleh Mohammad (NCP, Pakistan)
Imran Malik Awan (NCP, Pakistan) Waqar Ahmed (NCP, Pakistan) Rabia Rasheed (NCP, Pakistan)

Technical Coordinator

Wajid Ali Khan
Phone: +92-51-2077336


The School will be of the interest to graduate/post-graduate students, early career post-doctoral researchers, faculty members and research scientists, who are working/intend to work in the field of particle physics. By the start of the School, the applicant must have completed at least 2-4 years of full-time studies at the university level. The registration fee for the students is Rs. 2000 and for employees is Rs. 3000. Online application form can be accessed here. The School registration last date is July 01, 2023.

LHC School Poster

To download the school brochure, click here.


The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (AS-ICTP), Trieste, Italy

For Further Queries, Please Contact:
National Centre for Physics
Islamabad, Pakistan
Tel: +92-51-2077348, +92-51-2077336
Fax: +92-51-2077342