The World Federation of Scientists based in Lausanne Switzerland has announced scholarship scheme for Pakistan at the level of MPhil and PhD in the field of Physics. The amount to be paid per month to a candidate is 100 and 150 US $ for MPhil and PhD fellowship. Once the deadline is passed, the Selection Committee will make a pre-selection for the recommendation to the President of World Federation of Scientists Prof. A. Zichichi.

Basic Rules and Guidelines

The scholarship is awarded in order to conduct scientific research activities in national institutions and institutes, under the supervision of an eminent national scientist. The duration of each scholarship is maximum one year. The applicant is required to produce and send to his Delegate or Programme Representative, the following documentation for approval:

  • The Official application form for a WFS National Scholarship, available from the National Delegate or Representative
  • A short curriculum vitae of the eminent supervising scientist with full address
  • A brief description of the scope and methodology of the research which will be undertaken, signed by the supervisor and the applicant
  • For MPhil candidate, you must be enrolled in third semester
  • The Period of Scholarship
  • If approved, the scholarship funds would be sent to the WFS National Delegate to be remitted monthly against receipt. The second six-month rate would be transferred after receiving a brief interim progress report, from both the supervisor and the scholar. The final report would be due at the end of the scholarship period. The support of the World Federation of Scientists must be clearly acknowledged in all related publications.
  • The scholar's research activities must be linked to one of the Planetary Emergencies as set out by the World Federation of Scientists. See
  • In addition, letters of recommendation from two eminent scientists, addressed to the President of the WFS, Professor Antonio Zichichi, are to be sent to the National Representative for forwarding to headquarters.
  • All documents, including the letters of recommendation, are to be processed by the National Representative and must not be sent directly to the World Federation of Scientist


25th February, 2014

Application Form

For Further Queries, Please Contact:
Collaborations & Academic Activities Department (CAAD)
National Centre for Physics,
Shahdra Valley Road, Islamabad, Pakistan
Tel: +92-51-2077360
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