April 15 - 17, 2015


National Centre for Physics is purposed to break the isolation of Pakistani researchers from the international scientific community and to establish links between industry & research institutes for the development of society & intellectual growth. NCP is an international forum for the exchange of scientific information through comprehensive courses, workshops, conferences, seminars and visitors programs. NCP organizes courses in IT technologies including Network Administration, Linux, IPv6, C++ and Grid computing. NCP has IPv6 deployed since early 2012 with IPv6 reachability to Internet. More about NCP can be found at www.ncp.edu.pk.

TEIN (Trans-Eurasia Information Network) is a high speed network for research and education which connects 20 countries in Asia and 34 countries in Europe. This network is actively being used for international joint researches in cutting-edge areas, including information telecommunications and bioengineering. TEIN*CC is established to manage the 4th phase of the TEIN project. More about TEIN*CC can be found at http://www.teincc.org.

Objective of Workshop

IPv4 address space has almost been consumed and the migration to IPv6 is clearly inevitable. However, most organizations in developing countries have not yet moved to the coexistence phase of IPv4 and IPv6. The proposed workshop is aimed to train network engineers from Pakistan and other TEIN4 partner countries on IPv6 technologies specially deployment in a campus network. The participants will be taught about the theoretical details and concepts of IPv6 along with the hands on labs. This workshop will help participants in initiating IPv6 deployment in their home institutions. It will also help in transfer of knowledge while technical persons from different countries come together and expand their social network. The workshop is proposed in collaboration with CISCO Systems, Pakistan, where CISCO will be providing skilled trainer.

Target Audience

Intended audience at this workshop will be the Network Engineers/Administrators, IT Managers from universities/research organization all over Pakistan and from neighboring countries i.e. Malaysia, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Nepal, Indonesia etc.

Workshop Poster

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Synopsis Program

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Guidelines for the Participants

Participants must read these guidelines before registering for the workshop.

Workshop Material

  • To download the IPv6 Training Slides, click here.
  • To download the IPv6 Hands-On, click here.

Workshop Picture Gallery

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About Instructors

Mr. Majid Siddiq is currently working with Cisco systems as Manager Systems Engineering. He possesses profound knowledge and around 20 years of experience in the field of networking. He has got engineering degrees of ME and BE in the field of Computer and Information Systems from NED. He is also the first (CCIE) Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert from Pakistan.

Tanzeel Murtaza works as Manager IT at National Centre for physics. At the moment, he is dealing with design, implementation, management, and monitoring of the whole communication network infrastructure at NCP. He has worked on a couple of Internet monitoring projects of global scope. He has interest in research areas of Network monitoring and optimization.

Saqib Haleem is working as Manager (Network Operations) at National Centre for Physics. He has more then eight years of experience in the field of network and system administration. He is Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) and and also Cisco Certified Design Design professional (CCDP). He has also extensive experince of Open source technologies deployment in Campus networks.


  • TEIN*CC (Trans-Eurasia Information Network*Cooperation Center)

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