December 16, 2004


Talk Title
M. Della Negra Years of Hadron Colliders
Dr. Riazuddin Neutrinos
Hafeez R. Hoorani Physics of Top Quark at LHC
Austin Ball (Deputy Technical Coordinator) CMS Challenges, Status, Prospects
G. Iaselli Resistive Plate Chambers
Dr. Tariq J. Solaija Assembly Testing of CMS RPCs for low ŋ regions
Dr. Shaukat Hameed Khan Position Monitoring System for the CMS Tracker
Abdul Hai (Project Director HMC3) HMC-3 and its Role in PAK-CERN Collaboration
M. Usman Hodoscope setup for RPC Testing
Amjad Gilani Ward Identities, B-->р form Factors and |Vub|
Mariam Saleh B--> rlv Decays

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