October 20 - 22, 2003


Day 1
Talk Title
Dr. Riazuddin Welcome Address
Prof. Luciano MAIANI Views for the Future of CERN
Dr. Diether Blechschmidt Role of International Collaborations in Developing Countries
Dr. Jonathan R. Ellis LHC Project: Physics, Status and Prospects
Dr. Heinz Stockinger Grid Challenges and Experience
Dr. Flavia Donno Deploying the LHC Computing Grid "The LCG Project"
Mehnaz Hafeez Advanced Scientific Computing (ASC) at NCP
Dr. Arshad Ali Grid Computing at NUST
Day 2
Talk Title
Dr. Heinz Stockinger Tutorial introduction
Dr. Heinz Stockinger Introduction to Grid computing and overview of the DataGrid project
Dr. Heinz Stockinger Security
Dr. Flavia Donno Testbed overview
Dr. Flavia Donno Job Submission
Day 3
Talk Title
Dr. Heinz Stockinger Data Management
Dr. Flavia Donno Information systems
Dr. Flavia Donno EDG Software Installation/Configuration
Dr. Heinz Stockinger Applications and Use cases
Dr. Heinz Stockinger Future Directions
Concluding Ceremony
Talk Title
Dr. Riazuddin Concluding Address by the Director General

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