March 26 - 30, 2007

Invited Speakers

Speaker Name
Talk Title
A. Ali DESY, Hamburg Theoretical Interest in B-Meson physics at the B-Factories, Tevatron and LHC
J. Bergou CUNY Quantum states and quantum information
P. Fromherz MPI Physical Problems of Brain-Computer Interfacing
J. Hormes Louisiana Nanoparticles are different! Synthesis, charcterization and applications of magnetic nanoparticle
V. Husain New Brunswick Quantum Gravity and Black Holes
L. Johnson Oxford Physics and Biology: Applications of synchrotron radiation in Biology
F. J├╝licher MPI Physics of living Cells: Force generation and motility
R. Maartens Portsmouth Dark Energy in the Universe
H. Newman Caltech Physics at the LHC: A New Window on Matter, Spacetime and the Universe
T. Rahman Central Florida Nanoscience: fact or fiction
M. Richardson Central Florida Lasers - Light sources for the 21st Century
H. Schopper CERN, Geneva SESAME – a project to foster science and peace and its relevance for the region
W. Schleich Ulm Quantum physics and number theory
I. Shah Delaware Alternate Energy Paths through nanotechnology
P. K. Shukla Ruhr University Bochum Nonlinear Interactions in Dense Quantum Plasmas
I. Siddiqi Berkeley Realizing Quantum Measurements with Superconducting Nanocircuits
A. Smirnov ASICTP, Trieste Neutrinos and new physics world
K. R. Sreenivasan ASICTP, Trieste Cryogenic Turbulence
G. Tonelli INFN The CMS experiment at LHC
K. Von Klitzing Stuttgart Nanoelectronics: New Phenomena in Semiconductor Quantumstructures
H. Winick Stanford The Impact of Synchrotron Radiation on Science and Society in Developing Countries
A. F. Zakharov ITEP Constraints on alternative theories of Gravity and Cosmology
S. Zubairy Texas A&M Quantum Computing: New Frontiers

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