November 20 - 25, 2006

Invited Speakers

Speaker Name
Talk Title
Robert Fleischer CERN – Theory Flavour Physics Flavour Physics I
Flavour Physics II
Flavour Physics III
Alain Blondel University of Geneva Neutrino Physics Neutrino Physics I
Neutrino Physics II
Neutrino Physics III
Hans Braun CERN Accelerator Linear Collider An Introduction to particle Accelerators
An Overview of Accelerator Applications
Introduction to Linear e+/e- colliders and CLIC
Walter Wuensch CERN Accelerator Accelerator Physics Accelerating structures for Linear Colliders
Oliver Buchmuller CERN - Experiment Standard Model General SM Introduction (EW measurement from LEP)
LHC SM Potential
Recent SM measurement related to the CKM
Federico Antinori ALICE Experiment Heavy Ion Physics  
Andreas Hoecker CERN - ATLAS LHC Detector Discovery Physics at LHC
CP Violation and the Genesis of a matter world
Fido Dittus CERN -ATLAS LHC Detector LHC Detectors I
LHC Detectors II
Rinaldo Santonico CERN - ATLAS Gaseous Detector RPCs andapplications to the Particle Physics I
RPCs and applications to the Particle Physics II
RPCs and applications to the Particle Physics III
Jamila Butt NCP - Islamabad   First Measurement of BR (psi - gamma+ki)
Ijaz Ahmed NCP - Islamabad   Top Quark Mass Reconstruction using High Pt Top in the Lepton + Jets Channel

Prof. Abdus Salam - 10th Death Anniversary

Workshop Brochure

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