November 13 - 17, 2006

Invited Speakers

Activity I
Speaker Name
Talk Title
H.Al-Shukri UALR, Arkansas Paleseismolgy, A tool for Earthquake Risk Assessment
A. Ismail-Zadeh GPI, Karlsruhe Computational Geodynamicsand Earthquake Modelingas Research Tools for Seismic HazardAnalysis
V. Keillis-Borok UCAL, Los Angles Predictive understanding of Critical Phenomena (Key note lecture)
Earthquakes Prediction: Fundamentals, Immediate Possibilities, Links with Disaster Management
A. Kijko CoG, Pretoria Completeness of Earthquake Catalogues and Statistical Forecasting
V. Kossobokov MITP, Moscow Quantitative Earthquake Predictions: Basics, Implementation, Perspectives
Earthquake Forecast/Prediction: Verification, Accuracy, Limitations
Fabio Romanelli   Ground Motion Modeling for Seismic Hazard Assessment
F. Roth ER&EW Dept., Postdam Triggering of Earthquakes in Fault Zones - A Contribution to Time-Dependent Hazard Assessment
A. Solov'ev MITP, Moscow New Development in Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Assessment
N. Toksoz MIT, Cambridge  
I. Vorobieva MITP, Moscow Algorithm for prediction of subsequent strong earthquake - Talk A - Talk B
Activity II
Speaker Name
Talk Title
M. Ashfaq Purdue/GCISC 21st century climate and hydrologic change in the United States
Erasmo Buonomo Hadley Centre, UK Uncertainties in regional climate change
Assessing the reliability of changes in precipitation extremes
Hong CHEN ICCES, China Seasonal-to-Interannual prediction of Climate Disastersin China
J. Christensen DMO  
N. Diffanbaugh Purdue, West Lafayette Fine-scale Processes Regulating the Response of Extreme Events to Global Climate Change
B. N. Goswami IITM, Pune  
Fei HU IAP, China Dynamics of wind erosion and numerical prediction ofB dust storm
R. Jones Hadley Centre  
K. Kamala  IITM, Pune, India Monsoon-ENSO  Teleconnections in IPCC-AR4 Model Simulations
R. K. Kolli WMO, Geneva Modeling of Regional Climate in the South Asia Region and Future Climate Scenarios
F. Kucharski ICTP, Italy Global Climate System and its Modeling
K. Krishna Kumar IITM, Pune Climate change scenarios as simulated by Regional Climate Model for the Indian summer monsoon  and its variability
N. Nicholls BMRC, Melbourne  
R. K. Pachauri TERI, Delhi Scientific Assessment of Climate Change and its Implications for South Asia
Jeremy Pal LMU, USA Modeling of Regional Climate and Climate Change
Savita Patwardhan IITM, Pune Impact of Climate Change on some characteristics of Indian Summer Monsoon
S. F. Saeed GCISC, Islamabad Climate Change Studies over the South Asia Region using the Regional Climate Model RegCM3
Zhenghui XIE ICCES, China A land surface model with a groundwater component and its application

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