March 27 - April 01, 2006

Invited Speakers

Bobby Acharya ICTP, Trieste, Italy Theory Space, LHC and the Inverse Problems
Zahoor Ahmad GCU, Lahore, Pakistan Numerical Simulation of Cascaded arc for Ar and H2 gases
Mohsin Alishahiha IPM, Tehran, Iran On the dS Hologravity
Farhad Ardalan IPM, Tehran, Iran Brane Cosmology with String antisymmetric Field
Jamil Aslam NCP, Islamabad, Pakistan Ward Identities and Radiative Rare Leptonic B-Decays
A. P. Balachandran Syracuse University, N.Y., U.S.A. Noncommutative Geometry:Fuzzy Spaces, the Groenewold-Moyal Plane
Ugur Camci Canakkale Onsekiz Univ., Turkey Symmetries of Bianchi type II Spacetimes
Naresh K. Dadich IUCAA, Pune, India Gauss-Bonnet Geometry
Omer F. Dayi Istanbul Technical Univ., Turkey S-Dualities in noncommutative and nonanticommutative field theories
Avinash Dhar TIFR, Mumbai, India Bosonization of non-relativistic fermions, half-BPS states and LLM geometries
Michael Duff Imperial College, London, U. K. Recent applications of the Weyl Anomaly
Ismail H. Duru Turkish Academy of Science, Istanbul, Turkey Casimir energies in some three dimensional cavities of different shapes
Zahida Ehsan GCU, Lahore Adiabatic Model for Dust Atoms and Molecules - Plasmas
Ansar Fayyazuddin CUNY, N. Y. Ten and eleven dimensional perspectives on d = 4, N = 2 black holes
Debashis Ghoshal HRI, Allahabad, India Strings vs. p-strings
Graham Hall Univ. of Aberdeen, U.K. A survey of symmetry in General Relativity
Mahnaz Haseeb CIIT, Islamabad, Pakistan Higherorder thermal corrections to photon self energy
Pervez Hoodbhoy QAU, Islamabad, Pakistan Recent development in generalised parton distributions
Tasneem Z. Husain Harvard Univ., Cambridge, U.S.A. BPS M-brane geometries
Viqar Husain Univ. of New Brunswick, Canada Gravitational collapse in quantum gravity
Jameel un Nabi GIKI, Swabi, NWFP, Pakistan Can 55-Co give us the desired prompt explosion of massive stars?
T. Jayaraman IMSC, Chennai, India D-Brane and category Theory
Alimjan Kadeer Institut fur Physik Univ. Mainz, Germany NLO QCD corrections to polarized top decay into a charged Higgs
Tamaz Kaladze I. Vekua Institute, Tbilisi, Georgia Rossby Waves in the Ionospheric E-layer
Abdul R. Kashif NUST-CAMP, Rawalpindi, Pakistan Complete invariant characterization and symmetry classification of two-dimensional geodesic equation
Mehmet Koca Sultan Qaboos Univ., Oman Quaternionic and Octonionic Structures of the Exceptional Lie Algebras
Jurgen G. Korner Institut fur Physik Univ. Mainz, Germany Top Quark Physics
Alok Kumar IOP, Bhubaneshwar, India String Compactification with magnetic fluxes
D. A. Leites MPIMIS, Leipzing, Germany A critical study of critical dimensions
Swadesh Mahajan Univ. of Texas, Austin, Texas Astrophysical Plasmas
Arshad M. Mirza QAU, Islamabad, Pakistan Two Gas-Puff staged pinch dynamics with finite beta effects
Ghulam Murtaza GCU, Lahore, Pakistan Quark Gluon Plasma & Some Collective Modes
Asad Naqvi Univ. of Wales, Swansea, U. K. Topological Strings
J. N. Narlikar IUCAA, Pune, India Gravitational Collapse with Negative Energy Fields
Maqsood H. Nasim PINSTECH, Islamabad, Pakistan Computation of equilibrium and drift waves in tokamak and stellarator plasmas
Sudhakar Panda HRI, Allahabad, India An update of de Sitter solution in N = 4 gauged Supergravity
J. Pasupathy HALIInd Stage, Bangalore,India Topological susceptibility, eta prime mass in chiral limit
Asghar Qadir NUST/CAMP, Rawalpindi, Pakistan Mach’s Principle, Black Holes and Quantum Relativity
Muneer Rashid NUST/CAMP, Rawalpindi, Pakistan Transition amplitude for time-dependent linear harmonic oscillator with Linear time-dependent terms added to the Hamiltonian
Riazuddin NCP, Islamabad, Pakistan Neutrinos
Khalid Saifullah QAU, Islamabad , Pakistan Conformal Killing Vectors in General Relativity
Hamid Saleem PINSTECH, Islamabad, Pakistan Does quasi-neutrality remain valid in pair-ion plasmas?
M. Salimullah Jahangirnagar Univ., Dhaka, India Some new results in dusty magneto-plasmas
S. Sazhenkov NUST/CAMP, Rawalpindi Entropy solutions to a genuinely nonlinear ultraparabolic Kolmogorov-type equation
Ashoke Sen HRI, Allahabad, India Black Holes and String Theory
Ghulam Shabir GIKI, Swabi, NWFP, Pakistan Proper projective symmetry in the Schwarzchild metric
Hassan Amir Shah GCU, Lahore, Pakistan Heating of Solar wind protons using a non-Maxwellian distribution function
Muhammad Sharif PU, Lahore, Pakistan Matter symmetries of non-static plane symmetric space-times
S. Sheikh-Jabbari IPM, Tehran, Iran What has string theory taught us about the quantum structure of space-time?
Azad A. Siddiqui NUST/CAMP, Rawalpindi, Pakistan Uniqueness of the Foliation of Spherically Symmetric Static Spactimes by Flat Spacelike Hypersurfaces Corresponding to Freely Falling Observers
Farida Tahir CIIT, Islamabad, Pakistan R-Parity violation in MSSM and some rare decays
Ismail Tarhan Cannakale Onsekiz Mart Univ., Turkey The decay of massive scalar field with viscous fluid and cosmological constant in rotating universe
George Thompson ICTP, Trieste, Italy Topological Field Theory on Principal U(1) Bundles
G. 't Hooft ITP, Utrecht, Netherlands Complex transformations and Cosmological Constant Problem
Nodar Tsintsadze GCU, Lahore, Pakistan Photon Gas as a Classical Medium
Gazanfer Unal ITU, Istanbul, Turkey Fokker Planck Kolmogorov Equation for fractional Brownian motion: Derivation and analytical solutions
Nuri Unal Akdeniz Univ., Antalya, Turkey Electromagnetic and gravitational interactions for a spinning particle
M. Varadarajan RRI, Bangalore, India Quantum Gravity and Hawking Radiation
Spenta Wadia TIFR, Mumbai, India Blackholes in ads spacetimes and string theory
Yihua Yan National Astronomical Observatories of CAS, Beijing, China On the boundary integral equation representation for solar magnetic field problems
A. F. Zakharov ITEP, Moscow, Russia Measuring parameters of supermassive black holes with space missions

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